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TU_52 Calcite: Irai City, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Scalenohedral calcite crystals on matrix. These are very attractive calcites. Fluoresces orange. It is a slightly heavy piece. The thickest of the matrix is 1". It is almost triangular shaped, 5-1/4" x 3-1/4".

Order # P6-1 ----------Sold--------- Price $52.00

Calcite: Irai City, Rio Grande du Sur, Brazil

Scalenohedral calcite crystals on matrix. These are attractive calcites. Fluoresces orange. A nice small cabinet size piece, 3-1/2" x2".

Order # P6-2 --------------------Price $32.00

Smithsonite: San Antonio, Chihuaua, Mexico.

Botryoidal green smithsonite on a limonite-like matrix. From the San Antonio el Grande Mine. A miniature, 5-1/2cm (2-1/4") across.

Order # P6-3 ---------------------- Price $39.00

Barite: Shangulubwe, Katanga, Zaire.

Gray/green terminated barite crystals with some minor matrix. A miniature 3 x 5cm tall.

Order # P6-4 ----------------------- Price $35.00

Kunzite (Spodumene): Minas Gerais, Brazil.

A lovely pastel pink  crystal of this popular lithia mineral. It is etched as is most pocked spodumene. From the Urucum Mine, Galileia in M.G. A miniature, 3-3/4cm (1-1/2") tall.

Order # P6-5 ------------------------- Price $49.00

Beryl v/Aquamarine: Shingus, Rondu, Pakistan.

Several pale blue crystals nestled in muscovite. There is some matrix on the back side. A pretty nice miniature from Gilgit & Skardu Road. 1-1/4" x just about 1-3/4".

Order # P6-6 -------------------------Price $59.00

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