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Ilvaite: Yoshiki, Gifu Prefectur, Japan

Shimmering black ilvaite crystals surround matrix. I'm not quite positive what the matrix is (quartz?). A very desirable miniature from the Kamioka Mine. 1-3/4" tall x 1-1/2". The image does not capture its true beauty.

Order # P9-1 ----------------- Price $200.00

Epidote: Imilchil, Morocco.

Wonderful, sparkling deep green epidote crystals on matrix. This is a very nice miniature from the Atlas Mts., Asif Melloul. 1-1/2" across x 1-1/4" tall.

Order # P9-2 --------------------------- Price $49.00

Danburite: Mexico.

A terminated, transparant danburite crystal, with some calcite on the back. There is a smaller crystal attached to the side. A "glassy" miniature from Charcus, San Luis Potosi. 1-3/4" tall x 1" across.

Order # P9-3 --------------------- Price $25.00

Orpiment: Humboldt Co., Nevada.
Orange orpiment crystals on matrix. Some of the crystals have transparancy. Orpiment is an arsenic trisulfide, and like realgar is unstable in light. A small cabinet piece from the Twin Creeks Mine, Potosi Dist. 2-1/2" x 2".

Order # P9-4 ------------------------ Price $59.00

Barite Topaz/Microcline: Medina, M.G. Brazil

Several topaz crystals snuggled in albite and microcline. A dashing "perky" miniature. 1-1/2" tall x 1-1/4" across.

Order # P9-5 ------------------------- Price $35.00

Schorl: Santa Cruz, Sonora, Mexico

From the Blue Sky Prospect comes these lustrous, velvet-like schorl crystals. Very attractive for the species. A miniature, 2-1/2" tall.

Order # P9-6 -------------------------- Price $40.00

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